With over one hundred years experience in the global food ingredients industry, Uren Food Group specialises in production of frozen fruits, fruit juices, purees, concentrates, frozen vegetables, honey and nuts to food manufacturers around the world.

Our business includes:

  • Overseas factories – Poland and Chile
  • International offices – China, France, UK and United States
  • Overseas partnerships - Argentina, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Turkey
  • Recipe Development team - our industry leading development team is based in our UK office
  • Organic produce - ownership of the organic supply chain: vertically integrated organic projects in both Poland and Chile
  • UK food service – supply to food manufacturers large and small

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Direct link to our UK sales team

Whether you would like to purchase IQF fruit, IQF vegetables, juices, purees, honey, nuts or speak to our recipe development team, we can be contacted here. Many of our products are available in both conventional and organic forms.