About Uren

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    At Uren we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products, combined with excellent service at the best price available.  Supplying safe, sustainable food ingredients to the manufacturing industry, we operate with transparency, integrity and the highest ethical standards in all our relationships.

    With over a hundred years experience importing food ingredients for industry we understand the importance of evolving with customer needs and industry standards. Whilst our raspberries in Chile are still picked in the same way that we picked them in Scotland decades ago, we have seen advancements in the processing and transporting of these goods.

    About Uren Food Group

    Advancements in cold chain logistics allow us to add different product lines from different parts of the world each year and whilst orange juice is still the staple of the juice industry as it has been since inception nowadays we can supply any number of exotic juices to create exciting new blends.

    The food and drink industry continues to progress at a considerable rate driven by increased demand, a changing consumer landscape, dietary issues and concerns over sustainability, Uren aims to provide its customers with innovative solutions to the challenges they face

    History of Uren


    The Uren Company was founded in 1895 by Mr Harold Uren in Liverpool. Having over 100 years experience in the Food Industry, being involved in the import/export of foodstuffs since the turn of the century, now Uren is one of the most important trading companies for frozen fruits in the UK. The experience gained through years of farming soft fruits in Scotland, is today applied in our production of frozen fruits in Poland and Chile.

    Our subsidiary offices have a full compliment of technical and administrative support staff to ensure quality compliance and shipment throughout the world.

    Uren Food Group Sign

    1885 Harold Uren founded the company in Liverpool. Sales were mainly smoked bacon to local shops.

    1900 Harold Uren Jnr joined the company, sales and activities increased.

    1914 Harold was a soldier in the first world war but his father continued to run the business.

    1921 The big depression during which time much money was lost. Harold came back from war and managed to keep the business running after his father’s death.

    1933 Harold’s children joined the company and business started to grow and regain its previous good levels.

    1939 The children were enlisted for the second world war, so the business was put on hold.

    1945 Uren started up again in the same activities as previously.

    1953 Uren started to diversify by selling Christmas hampers containing many different food stuffs and H.J.Uren & Sons Limited was incorporated at Companies House.

    1970 Uren diversified by purchasing fresh fruit from Scottish farmers. The fruit was washed, frozen and
    packaged before selling on. This activity very quickly became so successful that the traditional bacon sector fell into abeyance.

    1984 Uren started sourcing fruit in Poland.

    1985 Uren started sourcing from in Serbia.

    1986 Uren started representing Bayernwald GmbH for the sale of Juice Concentrates and Purees

    1992 Uren re located their Head Office to Wood Park

    1995 Uren Coldstore was purchased in Laszczow, Poland.

    2005 The company name is changed to Uren Food Group Limited

    2006 Uren acquired a frozen fruit production factory in Linares, Chile (now Berries Chile).

    2007 Large investment into Uren Coldstores to install a new flow freezer and coldstore chamber, commenced vegetable production and increased capacity to 4,000 MT. The coldstore now employs more than 300 people from the Laszczow area.

    2009 An office was opened in the US, Uren North America.

    2014 Uren bought by the management team

    2015 Uren started representing Aromatech of France for Flavours

    2019 Upgrade to the Innovation Division development kitchen commenced