Technical Support


The Technical Support Team

Steven Gibbons
Katya Peneva
Ana Wrobel

Uren’s Technical department is dedicated to ensuring ingredients supplied meet food safety, legality and quality parameters and our long-term relationships with manufacturers and growers around the world deliver a wealth of knowledge at our finger tips.

Uren Food Group (UK) is certified to The BRC Global Standard for Agents & Brokers. This commitment to maintain an effective Quality Assurance System cements the foundation of a successful relationship with suppliers and customers alike.

The Team

Our Technical team have a comprehensive understanding of all products brokered both raw material and finished product. Working previously in a multitude of disciplines and areas of expertise, the answer to your question is at hand.

What we offer

  • Dedicated team equipped to advise on quality or technical issues
  • Certificates of conformance or analysis on request. All analyses are undertaken at laboratories which are accredited to recognised national and international standards
  • Standard testing includes pesticides, heavy metals, microbiology and virology
  • As members of several food related associations & working groups, we have the insider knowledge to keep ahead of the game
  • The capability and the resources to complete ingredient and supplier questionnaires on behalf of customers

We understand that quality is paramount. As such, our dedicated and experienced quality team, combined with established long-term relationships with producers, processors and service suppliers, can offer and oversee all aspects of technical and quality matters from source to finished product. It is useful for our customers to know and be confident that we are managing and overseeing the quality and technical aspects of our supply chain.

Our Technical Department has the capability and the resource to complete customer and retailer technical and quality documentation relating to the supply base, products and legislation.

We are able to provide certificates of conformance or analysis on request. Analyses are undertaken at laboratories which are accredited to recognised standards. We are able to offer testing for pesticides, contaminants, microbiology, viruses and allergens as standard this ensures all products from Uren are safe, legal and of the right quality.

We operate an internal quality management system which covers product quality, safety and legality from source, through the upstream supply chain to the customer. We achieve this by approving all our suppliers, processors and service providers in line with The BRC Global Standard for Agents & Brokers standard requirements. We maintain quality and technical information relating to our supply chains which are regularly reviewed, updated and made available on request.

We operate a program of continuous improvement in line with the requirements of The BRC Global Standard for Agents & Brokers and set ourselves S.M.A.R.T key performance indicators to assure improvement in all quality functions.

We aim to demonstrate business practices that are socially responsible by working with suppliers who share the same commitment and aspiration as ourselves. We are B-members of SEDEX and encourage all our suppliers to subscribe to a recognised ethical standards program.