Individually Quick Frozen Fruits

Uren Offer a full range of IQF Fruit. Whether you need UK service delivery pallet by pallet, you require direct bulk shipments direct from the Packers, Uren can work with your production needs.

We have a wide reaching customer base supplying major brands and retailers across the UK, EU and Worldwide. We offer an extensive product range, we have an extensive range of summer and winter berries, stone fruits, tropical fruit and pomme fruit. From a number of origins and numerous varieties. Covering all application areas; cakes and desserts, jams, condiments, pizza toppings, smoothie packs, or even on their own.

We are happy to provide customers with a comprehensive sampling service to enable product trial and development.

Our products are packed on pallets of 10Kg x 70 bag in box. Placed on either CHEPS or industrial pallets. This allows customers to use the exact amount of stock required preventing wastage and making it easier to lift each individual carton. We can also work with customers to develop other packaging formats to suite individual manufacturing applications such as 25Kg sacks.

The cut sizes available are industry standards developed to provide uniformity and consistency for the finished product. Most of our Fruit come in a variety of cut sizes: from diced, halves, quarters and segments. We can also offer size calibrated whole fruit, this allows there to be size consistency from one fruit to another ideal for small potted desserts.

We work with both Northern and Southern hemisphere suppliers to ensure we have contingency supply for products and year-round supply options. We will only work with select production facilities around the world with whom we have established the optimum quality standards we require on behalf of our customers.

We hold large stockholding within the UK at BRC accredited cold stores, offering short lead times for our UK service delivery customers. As a BRC Agents and Brokers Certified company we can offer full technical support for products and factory approval.

Uren have an incredible customer services team available to talk to with a wealth of knowledge on the products we provide and the application of these products, that can assist with anything from delivery concerns to technical support. Contact us today.

IQF Italian sweet apple Numerous Varieties Available in diced or sliced

Quartered, and Diced

10mm Diced Williams Variety

IQF sliced

IQF, from Northern Europe

IQF Cultivated from Serbia & China/UK IQF Wild from Chile & Bulgaria Available in different grades

IQF (size grades) laser sorted product Poland

IQF cultivated from North America, Chile & Holland IQF wild from North America & Eastern Europe


IQF whole & sliced 5mm

IQF handpicked, calibrated

IQF ‘flame’ red seedless variety

All varieties from Poland, Serbia, Chile, Scotland & Bulgaria. Available in whole, whole/broken & crumble

IQF Polish/UK

Various calibrations, varieties and cuts available from Poland, Turkey, Spain, Morocco, America, Bulgaria, China & UK

IQF diced 10mm & halves

Roller-pitted/ Elliot-pitted

Dark Sweet Cherry
IQF punch pitted product from Poland, Serbia, Denmark & Turkey Also available in roller pitted Dark sweet / Black IQF punch pitted from Turkey & Greece

IQF diced 10mm, 15mm

IQF diced, sliced

IQF hand cut halves & quarters

IQF sliced ½” & diced 10 mm

IQF diced, tidbits, pizza cut & crush

IQF Fruits Case study

Our client was searching for a variety of strawberry that worked well when freeze dried for use in cereal.

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