IQF Blueberries Information and Supply

Uren can provide wild and cultivated individually quick frozen blueberries, packaged and delivered either direct to our customers or into a cold store for service deliveries.

Known for their sweet juicy flavour and high anti-oxidant levels, IQF blueberries can be used in a variety of applications to create delicious tasting products. They offer all the sweet, fresh flavour, colour and nutrients of a fresh blueberry with the convenience of a frozen product.

Both the wild and cultivated blueberries are Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) shortly after being harvested. The berries are picked and then frozen quickly to lock in all the flavour and nutrients of the fresh product.

Our blueberries are thoroughly checked for any defects, and to ensure they meet industry standards making them an ideal ingredient for any product.

IQF Blueberry application:

Our IQF blueberries can be used in many different food and drink manufacturing industries, in a variety of different products. These include but are not limited to:

  • Desserts –as an ingredient or simply as a garnish, IQF blueberries can and are often used in the production of desserts.
  • Baking- Muffins, cakes, flapjacks, breakfast bars and cereals, even added to icing, our IQF blueberries can be used in the production of many delicious bakery items both sweet and savoury.
  • Dairy Products – Yoghurts or frozen yoghurts, ice creams, milkshakes even flavoured milks, fruit is often added to dairy products to create new and delicious flavours.
  • Other – Purées & sauces, jam’s, jellies , conservatives, préserves, Juice, concentrates, and freeze drying

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