Tree nuts

Tree Nuts

Uren has been a leading UK tree nuts supplier for almost a decade, offering a comprehensive product range with a reputation for high quality and first-class service. Our tree nuts are supplied by producers worldwide, ensuring a year-round supply at optimum freshness and flavour.

Our range of tree nuts includes popular varieties such as hazelnuts, almonds and pecans, available in various packaging options to suit your requirements. We aim to forge strong relationships with all our customers, from those purchasing simply as individual consumers to those who require bulk quantities for use in commercial food production.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all of the tree nuts we stock are covered by a stringent set of quality standards. As with all of our product lines, all of the tree nuts we provide are safe, consistent and traceable, supplied only by BRC-certified facilities.

To find out more about our tree nuts or any of the other available products, please get in touch with our friendly team.

Tree Nut products

Tree nuts have many uses in the world of cooking and baking, both sweet and savoury. They are popular ingredients due to their unique flavours, health benefits and versatility. Tree nuts are often used because of the distinctive flavour and texture they bring to dishes.

Tree nuts are also very healthy when eaten in moderation, with plenty of vitamins and minerals to offer, such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. With increasing consumer awareness of the health benefits offered, it’s no surprise that demand is on the rise. Tree nuts offer an easy source of healthy fat, may support weight management and help to maintain blood sugar levels.

For those looking to eradicate or reduce their dairy intake, tree nuts are a great alternative as they can be used in place of milk, cream and butter. As well as being completely dairy-free, tree nuts are free from lactose too – making them suitable for those with an intolerance or allergy to the sugar.

Tree nuts are available all year round in a number of forms to suit any kitchen or commercial application. From roasted hazelnuts that can be used in sweet dishes, such as for baking macarons, or roasted almonds to add crunch to a salad or mix into a cake mixture, these versatile ingredients can be used in a myriad of ways.

Example applications include:

  • Tree nut butters, for example, almond butter as an alternative to peanut butter.
  • Tree nut milk, for example, almond milk as an alternative to dairy.
  • Tree nuts by themselves as a healthy snack.
  • Tree nut oils, for example, hazelnut oil which can be used in baking.
  • Tree nut flours, such as almond flour which is popular in gluten-free baking, or for those on a ketogenic diet.
  • Tree nuts can be chopped and sliced for use in cakes and other sweet dishes.

Tree Nut Product Supply

All of our tree nut suppliers are carefully selected and assessed by Uren’s quality assurance team. Uren offers a full range of bulk, processed (roasted, chopped, flaked, ground) tree nut products in several packaging formats.

More details on individual products are detailed below. For more information about our wide range of nuts and any other product lines we offer, please get in touch with one of our friendly team today.

Almond flour
Raw & roasted Packaging: 900kg + bags & 25kg bags

Almond paste
Packaging: IBC & buckets

Flaked, Whole & Nibs Blanched & natural Packaging: 900kg + bags & 25kg bags

Flaked Almonds
Natural and Roasted Packaging: Various

Ground Almonds
Blanched Ground Almonds Packaging: Various

Nibbed Almonds
Natural and Roasted Packaging: Various

Roasted almonds
Flaked, Whole & Nibs Blanched & natural Packaging: 900kg + bags & 25kg bags

Hazelnut Flour
Raw & Roasted Packaging: 900kg + bags & 25kg bags

Hazelnut paste
Packaging: IBC & buckets

Flaked, Whole & Nibs Blanched & natural Packaging: 900kg + bags & 25kg bags

Roasted hazelnuts
Flaked, Whole & Nibs Blanched & natural Packaging: 900kg + bags & 25kg vacuum bags

Mammoth, Junior and Medium Pecans
Mammoth pecans (200-250 halves per lb) Junior Mammoth pecans (251-300 halves per lb) Medium pecan pieces (551-650 halves per lb) Packaging: Various