Natural and Roasted Flaked Almonds

Uren can offer blanched sliced / flaked almonds in either a roased or natural format. We can offer it in a variety of pack sizes from 10kg cartons, 1000kg tote bags or 25lb bags, and loaded onto pallets. Minimum order quantity is one pallet. Sliced super thin this product is ideal for topping cakes or for baking.

Roasting almonds changes the colour and flavour profile of the almonds, resulting in a darker colour and crunchy texture. Almonds can be roasted either light, medium or dark, dependent on your manufacturing needs. The flavour intensity and composition differ dependent on roasting conditions. Once the almonds have been harvested, dried out and shelled, they are then roasted using hot air, during this roasting the moisture evaporates from the almonds resulting in a crunchier texture. During the process a reaction also takes place between the sugars and amino acids which browns the almond, and changes the flavour. The darker roast you want, the longer the almond is roasted for.

Blanching is a process to remove the skin from an almond. The almonds are then treated with hot water to soften the skin and then passed through a series of rubber rollers where the soffened skins are removed, leaving just the white nut inside

  • Topping for salads
  • Ingredients in cereals, cereal/snack bars
  • Garnishes for savoury dishes such as ready meals, pre-packaged salads, pastas and stir fries
  • Garnish for baked goods such as breads, cakes, desserts, and pastries