New Product Development

An in-house resource for existing and new customers which explores, exploits, and maximises advances in technology, ingredients and their use/incorporation in food & beverage categories.

We create bespoke recipes for customers from briefs or from proactive initiatives.

We offer product and ingredient solutions from our ingredient range or more widely from our network of partners, maintaining high service levels for our customers

Our recipe development service encompasses all the stages from ideation to production on- shelf

Our Team

We have a breadth of understanding of ingredients their functionality and application in line with various market segments.

Our approach is multifaceted and exercise disruptive innovation where appropriate

Combining years of expertise in product development our team can offer product, ingredient and process solutions

We offer;

  • Experience in the Food & Beverage Industry
  • Ideas from concept to tangible products
  • Creativity and exploration in formulation and ingredients
  • One stop shop, sourcing and availability of appropriate, commercial ingredients
  • Customer and Market focused solutions to the various challenges environmental, nutrition driven
  • Partnership which brings together a more dynamic and approach to creativity

Innovation workshops

Innovation presentations can be arranged with customers NPD & marketing teams to augment the companies own resource by exploring new concepts or offering alternative solutions. Contact us today here.