IQF Fruit Suppliers UK

Here at Uren, we offer a wide variety of high-quality individual quick frozen (IQF) fruit and are one of the leading suppliers of frozen fruit in the UK. Whether you require a bulk shipment service or UK service delivery pallet by pallet, Uren will coincide with all of your production and delivery needs, whether that be for us to deliver your order to a cold store or directly to you.

Our IQF fruits are sourced from and quality tested by our selected range of BRC approved and fully accredited IQF fruit suppliers, across the globe. We have developed a strong, professional working relationship with our IQF fruit suppliers, and we can ensure that they can provide the highest standards of quality, of which or customers require. Our IQF fruits are even fully traceable back to the field. Here at Uren, we have suppliers in both hemispheres to ensure that we can supply IQF fruit all year round.

Uren is a leading supplier for IQF fruit across the UK and can provide a competitive market price. We can supply IQF fruits in volumes tailored to your business needs. Here at Uren, we have over a hundred years of experience importing safe, sustainable food ingredients for industry, we can provide customers with innovative solutions to challenges they face.

Our IQF Fruit can be supplied in quantities tailored to your business needs, for example, our packages are usually packed on pallets of 10kg x 70 bag in a box, these pallets are usually packed on industrial pallets to ensure that our customers can use the amount of stock required with minimal or no wastage. We can also work with customers to develop bespoke packaging formats to suit their individual needs.

What is IQF Fruit?

IQF fruit is ‘individually quick frozen’ fruit, this method is used to provide the best quality of frozen fruits available, to suit food manufacturing and foodservice needs. Each piece of fruit is flash-frozen at incredibly low temperatures, within hours of being picked, to prevent the formation of ice crystals so the fruit remains free-flowing. Quick freezing ensures the nutrients, vitamins, flavour, colour, texture, and aroma of the fresh fruit are all locked in to ensure customers get the best quality product, whilst significantly prolonging its shelf life, to prevent wastage.

IQF fruit application

Our IQF Fruits remain flavourful and free flowing which makes them the perfect ingredients for any recipe that uses fresh fruit or requires identifiable fruit pieces. They can be used in the food manufacturing and foodservice industries to create a range of delicious products. They are often used in the production of:

  • desserts
  • pies, tarts, crumbles, and cobblers
  • sauces and coulis
  • fruit salads
  • snack foods
  • baked goods
  • beverages such as fruit juice, smoothies, milkshakes, fizzy drinks, and flavoured alcohols such as wine, beer, cider, gin, and spirits
  • ice cream, yoghurts, and frozen yoghurts

Our range of IQF Fruits

At Uren, we supply a wide array of IQF fruits processed and cut to size specified by our customers. To see our full range, visit our IQF Fruits page.

As one of the leading IQF fruit suppliers in the UK, we are forever adding more options to our portfolio, keeping up with trends in the market is vital to us as a company, and we always try to have the latest and most popular products available to our customers to keep up with consumer demand. If you don’t see the fruit you want on our page, contact us for more options, as we may be able to source specific fruit or recommend an alternative, to suit your needs.

If you are looking for an IQF fruit supplier in the UK, contact Uren today. For more information about our IQF fruit products or to enquire about placing and order, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our sales team on 0151 353 0330 or email us at