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IQF Fruits

IQF Fruits Case study

Market Sector: IQF Fruits

Timescale: 2 years

Brief: A customer operating in the freeze drying area came to us looking for IQF strawberry that had high brix and a good red colour.

Bowl of breakfast cereal and white yogurt

key elements

Strawberry IQF Supplier

Working closely with agronomists near our factory in Poland we identified an Italian strawberry variety and embarked on the purchase of strawberry plants supplied to contracted farmers in the area around our factory and trialled a planting season.

We were able to provide trial volumes and the customer was happy with the end product of high brix strawberry with a deep red flesh, which worked very well in terms of taste and visually when freeze dried for inclusion in cereal.

Further quantities were subsequently planted to be able to grow and supply industrial volumes.

continual support

As the customer was pleased with the solution provided , we were asked to look at their cherry products which they were experiencing problems with stone incidences.

Through strict technical procedures within the factory particular to their production we were able to reduce the stone count to a level far below industry standard.