IQF Damsons Information and Supply

Uren can provide individually quick frozen (IQF) damsons packed and delivered either direct or into a cold store for service deliveries. We supply:

· IQF damson, roller-pitted

IQF damsons offer all the delicious tart flavour, firm texture, colour, aroma and nutritional profile of fresh damsons but with the convenience and longer shelf life of a frozen product.


The damsons are harvested once they have reached optimum ripeness and are taken to be washed and thoroughly checked for defects. They are then roller pitted, to remove the stones, and are packed into pails and rapidly frozen at extremely low temperatures to ensure maximum freshness and a free-flowing product.

Shelf life

24 months from production.


Packaged in pails.

Minimum Order Quantity

1 pallet.

IQF Damsons Application:

Our IQF damsons can be used in a wide variety of manufacturing and foodservice industries to create a range of different products. These include but are not limited to:

· Baking – damsons firm, drier flesh and tart flavour makes them well-suited to be used in baking. IQF damsons can be used by bakeries to create cakes, biscuits, muffins, pastries, and flapjacks.

· Desserts and puddings – IQF damsons are ideal for use in the production of desserts such as cobbler, pies, tarts, fools, crumble, and cheesecake.

· Sauces and condiments – IQF damsons can be used to create damson sauce, coulis, puree, chutneys, and damson cheese.

· Food manufacturing – damsons are ideal for use in the production of jams, jellies, and fillings for confectionary and baked goods.

· Dairy products – yoghurts, frozen yoghurts, ice cream, and milkshakes.

· Cereals and cereal bars.

· Snack packs and fruit bars/packs.

· Foodservice – our IQF damsons can be packaged as they are and sold to wholesalers.

· Retailers – our IQF damsons can be re-packaged, re-branded and sold in supermarkets or retail stores.

Uren can supply IQF damsons in volumes tailored to your business needs, at a competitive market price. As leading suppliers of IQF fruit and vegetables throughout the UK, we have years of experience sourcing and delivering high-quality products to a variety of industries. Contact us today