Case Study: New Product Development

Market Sector: Alcohol & Spirits
Packaging Type: Glass bottles (500ml/700ml)
Brief: The customer approached us, with the idea to create an authentic tasting gin liqueur.


True to fruit taste

Creating new and complimentary real fruit combinations in gin liqueurs.


Genuine colour combinations

Aligning real fruit (juice) combinations with natural colours and flavours



The addition of real fruit to a crafted gin base created symbiotic blends to maintain core values of natural and crafted.


Creating moreish tastes and authentic colours

Introduction of enticing fruit combination not available at the time.

7 years creating and servicing customer

  • Created various Gin liqueur variants over the years in association with customer
  • Continued Supply of Juices and flavours for the recipes
  • Successful sell out of family business to commercial independent company created more sales opportunities for the parent company;
    sales increase provided more NPD activity which we continued support with innovation in maintaining the crafted positioning of the
    new recipe variants in what has become a more crowded market.
  • Advice on legality label and information transfer for other requirements on label/pack
  • Transfer of information to co-packing facility with all relevant documentation
  • Trials at co-packing facility and sign off

Continual Support

Supply and managing supply of ingredients

Providing on-going pro-active NPD support and quick turnaround times

Understanding consumer trends and working with customer as a long-term partner seamless transition from original owners to new ownership

Integral part of customers’ value chain; allowing customer to focus on sales & marketing of their brand