Gooseberry Juice Concentrate and Gooseberry Puree

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  • Our gooseberry puree packs all the sweet, sharp flavour of fresh gooseberries. We can deliver already pureed gooseberries to you so they can be easily added to food or drink products.

    Sourced from our expert and trusted growers, our gooseberries are handpicked and held in cold storage until they are ready to be processed, to ensure they keep their freshness. They are then washed, thoroughly inspected to ensure you are getting the best quality products and then pureed. Gooseberry puree is made by simply heating the berries to break down the fruits fibres which is then sieved to deliver a thick yet smooth final product.

    Minimal processing takes place to ensure the berry retains its natural flavour, colour, scent and all its nutritional goodness. This means it contains 100% gooseberry, nothing extra is added it’s a natural product. Packed aseptically in 20kg bag in box, it is a convenient size for most processors.


    20kg carton


    20 Kg bag in box

    Lead Time

    7-10 days

    Shelf Time

    12 months from production


    Chilled Between 0-4°C

    Sourced from our approved expert producers, our gooseberry juice concentrate contains high-quality, delicious and fresh gooseberries it is simply made by juicing the gooseberries and then heating them to evaporate off a proportion of the fruit water content. This leaves behind a condensed solution which really packs the flavour. As the concentrate is 65°C Brix, it also means less product is needed to deliver the taste. Our gooseberry concentrate juice retains all the natural flavours, colours and nutritional goodness of the gooseberries.

    Available in 25kg aseptic cartons, the packaging protects against bacteria, light and vapour, extending the products shelf life. As the product and packaging are sterilised and packed under sterile conditions, they do not need chilled storage and are easier to transport, this is great for our customers who have limited or no frozen storage. Due to the juice being concentrated, you can get more for less as water can be re-added at the manufacturers end to bring the concentrate back to single strength.

    We can supply gooseberry puree and gooseberry juice concentrate in volumes tailored to your business needs. You can request deliveries from one carton upwards, so you can order exactly what quantity you need to suit your onsite storage and production needs. Contact us today to discuss your business requirements and we’ll be sure to provide you with the highest quality products at a competitive market price.


    25kg carton


    25 Kg bag in box

    Lead Time

    if stock held in UK, 4 working days

    Shelf Time

    24 months from production


    0°C to 4°C when unopened

    Gooseberry puree and Gooseberry juice concentrate application

    Our gooseberry puree and juice concentrate can be used to add a delicious sweet, sharp gooseberry flavour to many different food and drink products. Some of these include:

    · Fruit flavoured beers – breweries often come to us for juices and purees so they can create unique and delicious fruit flavoured beers.

    · Soft drinks – our gooseberry puree and juice concentrate are great for creating soft drinks such as bottled juices, fizzy drinks, smoothies, health drinks and many more.

    · Flavoured Gins and other alcohol – gooseberry puree and juice can be added to gin or other alcohols to create beautifully unique and interesting flavours.

    · Desserts – food manufacturers can add gooseberry puree to their desserts

    · Dairy Products – gooseberry juice and gooseberry puree can be added to dairy products like yoghurt, milk, milkshake, cream and ice creams.

    · Fruit Preparation for Bakeries – gooseberry puree can be made into a number of products like pre-made jam to fill doughnuts or a cake.

    · Baby food – purees are used to create baby foods, using gooseberry puree to make baby food would make a delicious sweet yet healthy treat

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