International Offices & Factories

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    Uren in China

    Uren China

    The past four years has seen the volume purchased in China by Uren Food Group steadily increase. Whilst working with specific partners and factories in China, Uren Food Group have now taken a further step forward to ensure that the quality delivered matches the quality expected from our customers.

    Based in Qingdao, Shandong Province, Amy, Julie and Ying are well postioned to over see Uren’s involvement in China from the field to the customer. For further information you can contact them direct on e-mail below or alternatively Julian Wood in the UK office.

    Get in touch with our China Office on china@uren.com

    Uren Serbia

    Uren Serbia

    Our main activity is to organize all the purchases, quality control and follow up as well as logistics for all Uren exports from Serbia. All products are sourced from AIB certified factory with full traceability and certified organic agricultural projects.

    Blackberries and Raspberries

    One factory under contract for all raspberry and blackberry production; production capacity 2000 tonnes per year. Highest hygiene production standards and continuous quality control.

    Oblacinska Sour Cherries

    Plantation with strict pesticide protection measures, capacity of over 250 tonnes. We are proud to introduce the only AIB certified packer in Serbia. We have successfully had an AIB audit because we are committed to doing all we can to provide clean, safe products.

    Download Factory Certificates

    Certified to BRC Global standard for food safety

    EU organic certification 

    Uren USA

    Uren USA

    Julie Creese has been in the industry since 1998, based primarily in the U.S.A. and has amassed a wealth of contacts and experience that we are sure will be beneficial to our North American clients. This knowledge will be backed up by support from Uren Food Group with its network of offices and production facilities throughout the world.

    Adam Newman is based in Miami and brings a wealth of experience to the already strong North American team of Uren.

    Get in touch with our USA office on urenusa@uren.com

    Uren In Chille

    Uren Chile

    Berries Chile is based near Linares in the district of Maule which is the key fruit growing area of Chile. Berries Chile produces circa 3000 tonnes per year of frozen conventional and organic fruit including strawberry, cultivated and wild blackberry, boysenberry, cultivated blueberry, raspberry and grapes.

    Berries Chile has a crop management system which meets Field to Fork standards. Berries Chile has recently undertaken an organic project to grow our own fully certified organic produce with 13 hectares of land for cultivated blackberry, raspberry and cultivated blueberry.

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    Organic certification to EC and NOP

    Certified to BRC Global Standard for food safety

    Uren Poland

    Uren Poland

    Novaberry – Lublin

    Uren Novaberry is based near Lublin in South East Poland in one of the biggest and best known agricultural areas of the country. This situation includes being right in the centre of Poland’s prime raspberry and cherry growing area. Uren Novaberry produces circa 5000 tonnes per year of frozen conventional and organic fruit including rhubarb, strawberry, cherry and raspberry.

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