IQF Vegetable Suppliers UK

Uren is one of the leading UK suppliers of individually quick frozen (IQF) vegetables, providing a wide range of premium quality IQF vegetables to the food and drink manufacturing and foodservice industries. Uren can supply IQF vegetables packaged and delivered either directly, or into a cold store for service deliveries.

Our IQF vegetables are sourced from our network of approved and accredited IQF vegetable suppliers throughout the world, whom we have established can provide the highest quality standard that we require. All our IQF vegetable suppliers are fully accredited and BRC approved, and our IQF vegetables are fully traceable back to field. Uren has suppliers in both hemispheres to ensure we have a reliable supply of IQF vegetables all year round.

Uren can supply IQF vegetables in volumes tailored to your business needs, at a competitive market price. With over a hundred years’ experience importing safe, sustainable food ingredients for industry, we can provide customers with innovative solutions to challenges they face. Our IQF vegetables are supplied as standard in 10kg, 12kg, or 20kg sacks, but we can also provide bespoke packaging to suit individual customers’ needs.

What are IQF vegetables?

IQF stands for individually quick frozen. This process involves ensuring the vegetables, within hours of being farmed, are blast frozen at incredibly low temperatures, preventing the formation of ice crystals, so the vegetables remain free flowing. Quick freezing the vegetables locks in all the nutrients, flavour, colour, and texture of the fresh product, to ensure customers get the freshest, highest quality product, whilst significantly prolonging its shelf life, to prevent wastage.

IQF vegetable application

IQF vegetables remain free flowing which makes them perfect for any products where identifiable vegetable pieces are needed. They can be used in the food manufacturing and foodservice industries to create a range of delicious products. They are often used in the production of:

  • ready meals
  • soups
  • sauces
  • pies, tarts, and quiches
  • salads
  • pre-packaged sandwiches
  • snack foods
  • pizza toppings
  • smoothies and health shots
  • health foods
  • vegetarian and vegan products

Our range of IQF vegetables

We supply a wide range of IQF vegetables processed and cut to size as specified by our customers. To see the full range, visit our IQF Vegetables page.

As one of the leading IQF vegetable suppliers in the UK, we are always adding more products to our portfolio. We keep up with market trends to ensure we always have the latest, most popular IQF vegetables available and ready to send out to customers. If you don’t see the vegetable you want on our page, contact us for more options, as we may be able to source and supply specific vegetables or recommend an alternative, to suit your needs.

If you’re looking for an IQF vegetable supplier in the UK, contact Uren today. We have a variety of products ready to be shipped out straight away and can deliver to all over the UK, with a five-day turnaround. For more information, or to discuss placing an order, contact our sales team on 0151 353 0330 or email us at