Summer Flavours

Uren can offer a variety of delicious Summer flavours for manufactures to use in their summer themed products. We offer sweet and savoury flavours in Organic 2021, Natural or Synthetic. Whether you’re creating refreshingly cool beverages, chilled out ice creams, delightful desserts or sizzling BBQ snacks, we have your flavour requirements covered this summer. If it’s stunning citruses, beautiful botanicals, or trendy teas you need, Uren can offer flavours to excite the taste buds. Available in Liquid (oil or water soluble), Powder (simple blend, encapsulation or spray drying) or Granule form.

For those looking to offer something healthy this summer, without holding back on flavour we have a range of low salt and low sugar options. We can offer a variety of sweetness and salt enhancers in liquid and powder format. These products are formulated with our customers clean label requirements in mind and can be labelled as a Natural Flavour. Both allow a reduction of salt and sugar by up to 30% whilst maintaining the initial desired flavour profile.

At Uren we recognise the importance taste has on the success of the products you create and strive to offer a narrowed down range of flavours that exceed your requirements. We do this by understanding our customers, listening to their wishes and needs and backing this up with the expertise and knowledge we have in this industry.

With an extensive UK samples library subsequent flavour orders are made fresh to ensure quality and continuity are at the centre of what we offer. All our flavours are created to meet the requirements and preferences of our customers. They can be perfectly tailored to the tastes of consumers, customer’s processes and to regulations in force. If you have a flavour requirement this Summer, or for any season, we have an option for you. We can create sample requests with a fast turnaround to ensure you get that perfect taste as quick as possible. To learn more about our flavours and what else we can offer click here.

Once created and produced the shelf life of these flavours is on average around 12 months (this can vary).

The flavours are packaged in plastic drums, for convenient storing and transporting to our customers.

Minimum order quantity – 25 kilos per flavour.

Sumer Flavours application:

Our flavours can be created to suit a variety of applications, to create a wide range of different products including but not limited to:

  • Picnic Favourites – Sweet or savoury snacks that compliment any day out.
  • Dessert & Ice creams – Summer’s a great opportunity to try new flavour combos and push the boundaries, but don’t forget about the tried and tested classics.
  • Natural/health products – a fantastic range of flavours to add mouth-watering combinations to protein products. Salt and sugar enhancing flavours are great for health products which require low salt and sugar or clean labels.
  • Beverages – carbonated or still drinks, flavoured beers and other alcohols, juices, smoothies, teas and coffees.
  • BBQ Season – Add some style to any meat or meat free grill either directly to the food or with a magnificent marinade.

To discuss creating your own flavours, or for more information on what we can offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.