Rhubarb Juice and Puree

As leading suppliers of juices and purees in the UK, Uren can supply rhubarb juices and purees in a range of sizes to suit manufacturing and foodservice needs. We offer:

  • Rhubarb puree
  • Rhubarb NFC juice

Rhubarb is vegetable with a strong, tart taste, so is often put to the same culinary uses as fruits, and is a great summer flavour. Rhubarb is often used to in pies, tarts, crumbles, ice cream, and other desserts. Rhubarb juice and puree is also often used to flavour gin and cordials. Uren’s rhubarb puree and NFC juice are sourced from our BRC accredited suppliers across the globe and they can be provided in a variety of pack formats which are compliant with relevant food legislation. We can accommodate any user’s volume requirements delivering in bulk loads direct from source, down to individual cartons on a serviced stock delivery.

If a clean label is important to you, our single strength rhubarb puree or not from concentrate rhubarb juice are ideal, and if fruit content is all important in a price sensitive product our concentrated rhubarb puree provides a cost-effective alternative.

If you require assistance utilising our rhubarb juice and rhubarb puree, our technical and product development teams can advise and demonstrate best practice or provide innovative application ideas.

Shelf life: 12 months from production.

Packaged in food grade aseptic bags, in box and metal drums.

Minimum order quantity: 20kgs or 200kgs.

Rhubarb juice and rhubarb puree applications:

Our rhubarb juice and rhubarb puree can be used in a wide variety of manufacturing and foodservice industries to create a range of different products. These include but are not limited to:

  • Baking – rhubarb puree and juices can be used to flavour cakes, pastries, biscuits, icing, and buttercream.
  • Pie, tart, and crumble fillings.
  • Dairy products – ice cream, cream, and yoghurts.
  • Jams and marmalades.
  • Alcoholic beverages – rhubarb puree and juice can be used by breweries and distilleries to flavour beer, wine, cider, gin, and vodka.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages – rhubarb juice and puree can be used to make cordial, juices, and smoothies.

Uren can supply rhubarb juice and puree in volumes tailored to your business needs at a competitive market price. As leading suppliers of juices and purees throughout the UK, we have years of experience sourcing and delivering high-quality products to a variety of industries. Contact us today to discuss your business requirements, and our friendly team of experts will be more than happy to help. To find out more about our range of juices and purees, click here.