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Uren can supply premium quality individual quick frozen Avocado, packaged and delivered either direct to our customers or into a cold store for service deliveries. We can provide a variety of IQF Avocado products to suit manufacturing needs, including:

· Avocado Halves

· Sliced Avocado

· Cubed Avocado

· Avocado Pulp

· Avocado Pulp HPP

· Guacamole

Sourced from our expert growers in Peru, our IQF Avocado is the highest quality and grown to industry standards. The avocado is a rather unique fruit. While most fruits consist primarily of carbohydrate the avocado is very high in healthy fats. It has become increasingly popular over recent years and has become a staple item in supermarkets, menus, and recipes.

It is incredibly appealing to the health and fitness conscious, as well as the vegetarian and vegan markets. This is due to its high nutritional value and healthy fat content. It contains all the vitamins present in the vegetable kingdom including high amounts of Vitamin K, C, B5, B6 and E. Avocado also contains large amounts of folate and even contains more potassium than a banana. Numerous studies have also shown it has powerful health benefits. IQF avocado can be used in a variety of applications to create delicious tasting, healthy products.

We supply the popular Haas variety of avocado with all the delicious flavour, texture, colour, nutrients and vitamins of the fresh product but with the added convenience and longer shelf life of a frozen product. The biggest issues with avocados are their short shelf life after they are ripe and when bought unripened, they cannot be used immediately, both of which are incredibly inconvenient, especially when food manufacturers purchase on a large scale. IQF avocados are the solution to this problem as they are frozen when ripe and stay this way for a far longer period of time, reducing wastage.


Our avocados are grown in Peru and harvest season here takes place in April, May, and June. Farmers carefully select avocados that are ready for harvest and pick them from the tree. They are selected and classified by the degree of maturity and are then washed and disinfected. Once they have reached optimum ripeness the avocados and washed and disinfected again, pitted, peeled, cut to size and individually quick frozen.

The avocado is rapidly frozen at incredibly low temperatures, preventing the formation of ice crystals, which means each product remains free-flowing, making them ideal for any products where identifiable avocado pieces are required. After freezing the product is packaged ready to be sent out to the customer or cold store.

HPP Pulp Process:

High-Pressure Processing (HPP) is a non-thermal technology that helps to prolong the shelf-life of the avocado. Once the avocado has been processed into pulp, it is pasteurised under high pressure which reduces the amount of microorganism counts and inactivates the enzymes, which prevents the product from browning. It does not alter the texture, taste or nutrients in the avocado in any

way, it simply extends the shelf life. It can, therefore, still be labelled as an all-natural, clean label or organic product.

Shelf life

24 months from production


10kg cartons.

Minimum Order Quantity

1 pallet.

IQF Avocado Application

Our IQF Avocado can be used in a wide variety of manufacturing industries to create a range of different products. These include but are not limited to:

· Sandwiches and wraps.

· Pre-packaged salads.

· Sushi.

· Smoothies and juices.

· Snack packs and pre-packaged avocado to be used in home recipes.

· Ready meals and meal prep companies.

· Sauces and condiments – such as guacamole, dressing and avocado oil.

· Health food products – the avocado is an incredibly nutritious fruit with a range of health benefits that appeal to the health and fitness conscious. This makes it ideal for those wanting to tap into this market by creating healthy food and drink products.

· Vegan and vegetarian products – avocado is a great replacement/alternative in vegetarian and vegan meals as it is nutritious, filling and high in healthy fats. It is often used to create vegan substitutes such as avocado spreads and vegan mayonnaise.

· Desserts – ice cream, yoghurts, and mousse. Uren can supply IQF Avocado in volumes tailored to your business needs. Contact us today to discuss your business requirements and we will be sure to provide you with the highest quality products at a competitive market price. To find out more about our IQF Fruits click here.