Unblanched Peanuts

Unblanched Peanuts

Unblanched peanuts are a popular product with many of our clients who are peanut butter and chocolate coating manufacturers, as well as many wholesalers.

An unblanched peanut is a peanut with its outer shell removed but retaining its skin. The shelling process is the same as for blanched peanuts. It's often the case that the available material of unblanched peanuts is significantly smaller than the blanched material. The origin producers see the blanched material as more profitable, so anything that can be blanched, will be blanched.

Using unblanched peanuts not only gives your products a great taste profile but also increases the nutritious benefits which are present in the skin, which would be lost if blanched.

We have been globally sourcing and supplying the highest quality peanuts for almost a decade. Our team offers various packaging options to meet your requirements, get in touch to learn more.

How do unblanched compare to blanched peanuts?

This is a common source of confusion for many customers who compare our unblanched with blanched peanuts, without fully understanding the difference.

As the papery skin of an unblanched peanut remains intact, they contain more nutrients than blanched peanuts. The skin also influences the flavour profile. As a result, unblanched peanuts can be perceived as being richer and more intense in both taste and aroma.

What are the health benefits of peanuts?

There are many benefits associated with eating peanuts. They are rich in protein, fibre and vitamins such as folate, vitamin E and niacin. Peanut skins are packed full of phenolic compounds, meaning they are rich in antioxidants. Peanut butters that are made with unblanched peanuts are, as a result, generally more nutritious.

Consuming peanuts regularly has been linked to various health benefits, including lowering the risk of heart disease. Some of these benefits may be lost with products high in hydrogenated oils, salt, and added sugars.


Whole unblanched peanuts are often used in the coating of nuts, commonly alongside either chocolate or yoghurt. They can also be added to cereals, granolas and muesli. Unblanched peanuts are popular for adding into confectionary, thanks to their rich texture and taste. They're frequently coated in chocolate, but can be combined with other ingredients too.

Roasted peanuts are popular for snacking either on their own or in mixed packs with other nuts, for example, almonds or walnuts. Some peanut butter manufacturers will roast both whole and split unblanched peanuts and use them in their peanut butter recipes. The peanut skins bring a distinctive flavour profile that is different to peanut butter made using a blanched peanut.

Unblanched Peanut Product Information

Unblanched peanut products we can offer:

· Whole unblanched Peanuts
· Split unblanched Peanuts

Uren can offer whole unblanched peanuts in a variety of sizes. Most common sizing includes 38/42 and 50/60 with smaller sizes being available upon request.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

As Uren keep UK stockholding, the minimum order quantity can be as little as one pallet (1,250kg). Other products which may not be in UK stock will require a full container volume of 25 metric tonnes.


Uren stock a variety of sizes and packaging types for immediate delivery throughout the UK. Our standard packaging options include tote sacks (big bags) of 950kg, 1,000kg and 1,250kg depending on the origin of supply. Get in touch for more information on packaging options

Shelf life

2 years from manufacture production date.

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