Uren supports the Neston & District Community Fund

In February 2022, the Neston & District Community Fund gathered to celebrate their successes and look to the future.

The fund provides a lifeline for vulnerable people in the Neston area. The recent cost of living increases combined with the reduction in Universal Credit and the continuing fallout from the Covid crisis has created the perfect storm for some of the poorest among us. The Neston & District Community Fund plans to develop even further to meet these challenges.

Cheshire Community Fund approached Uren in 2019 as they were looking for local businesses to get on board with a fund dedicated to our local community of Neston. They know the people who benefit from these schemes and put the funding in place; schemes Uren would not previously be aware of.

The organisation provides support for people of all ages and backgrounds, helping those most in need. Since its establishment in 2015, the fund has supported over 2,145 vulnerable people in the Neston area, receiving more than £50,000 in contributions and gifting 18 grants to local good causes.

Neston & District Community Fund Event
Neston & District Community Fund
Neston & District Community Fund Event Feb 22

Who does the Neston & District Community Fund help?

People who have benefitted from the funds' support include a young Mum supported by a volunteer from Koala Northwest, writing;

"It's very hard to accept help and let a stranger into your home, to play with your children and to open up emotionally. The fact that I knew she was a volunteer and a mother herself made it less stressful. The girls and I have made great friends. She gives me the extra push to do things myself, and I get nothing but encouragement. I do more around the house, more with the girls, I go out with the girls. I feel happier, I feel like I can do anything. I feel like I'm their mum now."

The fund has also helped to provide counselling to a young man who was struggling with suicidal thoughts - his family can breathe a little easier now. One older volunteer calls twenty elderly and isolated residents every week and has experienced a renewed sense of purpose and community themselves.

Since 2015, the team have successfully:

  • Deepened community connections
  • Enhanced knowledge and understanding
  • Identified need
  • Brought new services to the area

Uren is proud to support the Neston & District Community Fund and the difference they make. The gathering was a great success, with Uren employees and representatives of the organisations they support joining them for cake and celebrations.

CSR Programme Coordinator Stephen Gibbons says,

"We are so proud to support the Neston & District Community Fund. Our colleagues have enjoyed getting to know more about the great work they do and the difference they make in people's lives. We hope to continue our partnership with them for many years to come."

Uren is a company with a long history of supporting the community it operates in, and we look forward to celebrating more success stories in the future.

If you would like to know more about how you can help, please visit their website.