New Technical Manager

Uren Food Group Hire New Technical Manager.

Uren are please to announce that Lyn Rogers has joined them as Group Technical Manager. Lyn brings with him many years of technical experience within the UK food industry and we are excited about the new dynamic approach that he can bring to the business.

Interview with Lyn

Q. What was your first job?

A. Quality assurance technician in Golden West foods.

Q. The first record you bought?

A. The Jam – Town called malice.

Q. What 3 things would you bring on a dessert island?

A. A book, Knife & duvet.

Q.Which celebrity would you invite round for dinner?

A. Richard Burton.

Q. Can you say briefly what your past working experience is?

A. I have a background is in all sorts of different products, predominantly working in factories.

Q.Biggest lesson you learnt in a job?

A. Prepare.

Q. Fruit or Vegetables?

A. Vegetables.

Q.Best piece of advice given that has stuck with you through life?

A. So what are you going to do about it now.

Q.What drink would you order at the bar?

A. Hendricks gin.

Q.What did you want to be when you were a child?

A. A vet, i did the work experience but never managed the grades.

Q. What do you want to bring to Uren?

A. Working at Uren is an exciting opportunity for me as I am currently doing my master’s in business administration and I would like to bring a lot of what I have learnt from that to Uren.

Q.Best pub quiz fact you know?

A. Wales was the first country in the world to be a fair trade nation.