Non-alcoholic drinks trends 2022

Non-alcoholic drinks trends 2022

In the UK this year, 1 in 6 adults who drink alcohol are planning to participate in Dry January. That equates to almost 8 million adults and represents an increase of 22% compared to January 2021.

The trend for non-alcoholic drinks is not restricted to dry January. Alcohol-free drinks are increasingly becoming popular as with increasing awareness of fitness and wellness, consumers are looking to reduce their alcohol intake and even cut out alcohol completely.

Non-alcoholic beverage sales are expected to grow at a healthy rate during 2022, with the "sober-curious" movement gaining momentum. "Sober curious" consumers are drinking alcohol-free beverages to reduce their alcohol consumption, not specifically because they do not drink alcohol. For these consumers, it is no longer about restriction, but rather a shift towards moderation with a focus on mental health and wellbeing.

What are popular non-alcoholic drinks?

Non-alcoholic spirits

Non-alcoholic spirit brands such as are Sipsmith are gaining popularity among consumers who want to cut down on their alcohol intake without sacrificing taste. The market for non-alcoholic spirits is expected to experience the highest growth rate as consumers trade up to premium, higher-priced products.

Non-alcoholic so-called 'buzz-less spirits' are becoming increasingly popular as drinkers look for healthier options that can still provide a sensation similar to their favourite alcoholic beverages. There is a demand for zero-proof vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, and tequila that taste like the real thing.

Non-alcoholic beer

The non-alcoholic beer market is growing as people look for healthier options that can still provide a taste sensation similar to their favourite alcoholic beverages.

The alcohol-free beer company, Athletic Brewing, offers customers the option of enjoying high-quality craft beer for consumers wanting to cut down or eliminate alcohol from their diets and lifestyles - without compromising flavour.

Canned cocktails

With consumers changing their drinking habits, no-alcohol options for cocktails are becoming popular. Brands are providing the market with exciting alternatives to traditional cocktail brands - without the alcohol.

Mocktails with a functional health benefit are expected to take centre stage in the drinks market, giving customers the cocktail experience without the negative effects that come with alcohol.


The fermented tea drink Kombucha is one of the drink trends gaining momentum among consumers looking for low-calorie, functional drinks with a refreshing taste.

With various health benefits, Kombucha aligns well with the wellness movement and is an alcohol-free option that is quickly becoming one of the main drink trends for 2022.

Why have non-alcoholic drinks increased in popularity?

Consumers are becoming more aware of their wellness and fitness goals and are making the necessary changes to align with these. While this may be a lifestyle choice for many, there is also a strong social aspect – consumers looking to spend time with friends without drinking alcohol.

In addition to this, as a general trend, consumers increasingly want a more holistic approach to wellness – including mental health and environmental considerations – which is impacting their choice of drinks. As a result, functional beverages such as Kombucha, with their probiotics and detoxifying properties, are becoming popular among consumers looking for health benefits.

Product development for non-alcoholic drinks

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