Indian Street Food: The Flavours and Recipes of India

14 March 2023

Indian street food is some of the most unique and flavourful cuisines in the world. From hot, fried snacks to healthy vegetarian dishes…

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Exploring the Popularity of Asian Street Food in the UK

6 March 2023

Asian street food is a diverse and flavorful culinary experience … From savoury noodle dishes to sweet desserts…

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Gluten-Free Product Development

3 February 2023

Gluten-Free Product Development … In the UK, studies have indicated 13% of the general population report symptoms related to gluten sensitivity…

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Flavour Trends: Matcha Green Tea

1 February 2023

Flavour Trends:

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Uren Retains BRC Agents and Brokers AA Status

20 January 2023

Following a successful audit in December with zero non-conformances raised…

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Functional Ingredients in Beverages

11 January 2023

Functional Ingredients in Beverages … Introduction … As consumer preferences for health benefits and convenience increase…

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The Science of Sweetness: How We Perceive Sugar

4 January 2023

Introduction … Sweetness is one of the five basic tastes, along with saltiness, sourness, bitterness, and umami.

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Christmas Recipe: Spiced Apple and Date "Cinnabuns"

19 December 2022

It’s that time of year again and here at Uren we're getting into the Christmas spirit!

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Flavour Trends 2023

9 December 2022

Flavour Trends 2023 … The food and beverage industry is always evolving, and 2023 is no different.

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Plant-based Food Trends 2023

6 December 2022

Plant-based Food Trends 2023 … As we move into 2023, plant-based food trends continue to rise in popularity.

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