Ronald McDonald House

Here at Uren we like to give back to the community by donating regularly to different charities. We like to donate especially to charities that are close to our hearts, whether that be a local charity which gives back to and helps our local community, a charity that has helped a member of staff or someone close to them or a charity which helps a cause which has affected a staff member in some way.

Recently we had a request from a member of staff to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in Arrowe Park. His daughter’s teacher had just given birth prematurely with the baby weighing just 2lbs. Due to the size and condition of the baby she needed to remain in hospital, so both mother and daughter are staying there until the baby is well enough to come home. The class and the school decided they wanted to do whatever they could to show her some support, so they requested donations be given to the Ronald McDonald House in Arrowe Park.

The Ronald McDonald House in Arrowe Park provides respite and a place for parents to stay literally seconds away from their sick child’s bed. The facility is equipped with 7 en suite rooms in which families can relax – away from busy wards. It even has a kitchen and laundry service so families can cook and be together as they would at home.

It is more than just a place to stay though, as it offers support, comfort and a safe environment for the families of sick children where they can interact and share their experience. In 2018 alone the house helped 98 families stay close to their babies in hospital.

staff to donate to the Ronald McDonald House