Seeds: Small but mighty ingredients

The popularity of seeds has surged in recent years as consumers become more aware of their potential health benefits.

Seeds such as Chai and Hemp have become particularly well known and have become a staple in categories as diverse as seasonings to cereal. A strong alignment with keto, paleo and vegan lifestyles also helps raise the profile of these small but impressive ingredients.

What are the health benefits of seeds?

These tiny nutritional powerhouses boast impressive health claims, ranging from cancer prevention to lowering cholesterol levels.

  1. Flaxseeds are a great source of fibre, omega-3 fats (especially alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)) as well as antioxidants. Studies have shown that flaxseeds can aid in reducing blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and even blood sugar.
  2. Chia seeds are also high in fibre, omega-3 fats and antioxidants, and may also play a role in reducing the risk factors associated with heart disease.
  3. Hemp seeds offer high levels of protein, making them particularly appealing to vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians. Hemp seeds also contain anti-inflammatory gamma-linolenic acid, which may help to improve symptoms of eczema.

Seeds as an ingredient

Seeds are incredibly versatile and lend themselves naturally to a diverse range of categories covering cereal to smoothies. Here are a few ideas of how to use seeds to boost the health claims of your products:

1) Adding sunflower seeds to a salad adds both texture, flavour and protein. Rich in Vitamins E and B1, sunflower seeds are also a source of protein and healthy fats.
2) Flaxseeds can enhance smoothies with their subtle, nutty flavour.
3) Seed energy bars are both keto and paleo-friendly - and can also be vegan-friendly without honey.
4) Chai seeds are often seen in puddings but could be used in products such as ice cream or yoghurt to enhance both health benefits and texture.

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