TACCP and VACCP Training at Uren

Congratulations to Katya and Ana who have recently passed their TACCP and VACCP training courses as part of Uren’s Agents and Brokers BRC certification.

TACCP or Threat Assessment and Critical Control Points and VACCP or Vulnerability Assessment and Critical Control Points are best defined as a management process to defend a food supply chain from any form of dishonest conduct that impacts detrimentally on the quality or authenticity of food and drink.

Uren is committed to providing the highest level of food safety and quality assurance for our customers, and we are proud to have employees who are certified in TACCP and VACCP. These important certification programs help us maintain our high standards and protect our customers.

The training was carried out following the gap analysis carried out at Uren on Version 3 of the BRCGS standard to which Uren has a AA rating.

TACCP and VACCP generally require a wider range of employee involvement than HACCP, as it covers issues such as manufacturing plant and transportation security, IT security, and employee background checks. Some points will overlap with HACCP, such as tamper-proof seals and various quality control checks.

We are proud to have Katya and Ana on our team who are now able to help us maintain our high standards and protect our customers.

For more information on TACCP and VACCP, please contact our team.