Uren supports the local community

Uren's Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator Axelle Savary recently volunteered for a newly established community service in the New Brighton area.

Rockpoint Community working in partnership with Charlotte's Brightside made and delivered forty meals for those in need. Initially set up as a social supermarket, the scheme began offering a hot meal service after realising some of their community found themselves facing more challenging times and needed additional support.

Rockpoint Community Monday Night Meals
Charlotte's Brightside Monday Night Meals
Charlotte's Brightside Monday Night Meals

Axelle comments:

"Given the last year has been so challenging for so many, I wanted to do what I could to help my local community. Not only has this helped make someone else's life a little easier on a Monday night, but it has also been important to me and my mental health to be able to feel the sense of community isn't lost!

I fell in love with volunteering during my time at university as I witnessed its impact on the local community. I moved house two months ago and spoke about this to one of my new neighbours from a distance. They informed me there was a new social supermarket at the bottom of the road and they were looking for help to make and deliver hot meals on a Monday evening.

It was the first week it ran and went very well. Forty meals of pasta with meatballs went out to those who contacted the organisation in need. Uren donated £200 to the group, and I bought the ingredients needed to make the 40 meals, before delivering them on Monday night."

Support the cause

Charlotte's Brightside is a charity based in New Brighton that supports its local community in various ways. Their purposely refurbished centre hosts a range of activities and events designed to provide a safe space for children and young people outside of school, helping them develop their best possible potential. Rockpoint Community is an organisation that shares similar values. Their vision is to support, provide, develop and work with their local community, and work together to be a part of a strong, prosperous and caring community.

To learn more about the causes, you can find Rockpoint Community and Charlotte's Brightside on Instagram.