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Our pureed Garlic, Ginger and Onion captured all the intense flavours, natural aromas and nutritional benefits of the fresh products. We can deliver to you these products already pureed so they are all ready to be easily added to any food and drink products, without the hassle of you having to process and puree the fresh ingredients yourself.

Sourced from our trusted expert growers in China, the bulbs are picked, delivered and held in temperature-controlled storage until they are processed to ensure they keep their freshness. They are then washed, thoroughly inspected to ensure they are the top-quality products, peeled and then pureed. The puree is made simply by heating the fresh peeled product and then passing it through a sieve for a thick yet smooth natural flavour packed product. No added extras. Our Chinese Puree’s are 100% Ginger, 100% Onion or 100% Garlic, completely natural purees. This means you can simply declare them on your ingredients list as just garlic, ginger or onion. Ensuring your product has only the most natural of flavours, and a clean label if that’s important to your brand.

Available in 20kg and 10kg bags in box. We offer pre pelletised frozen purees of ginger, garlic and onion. In average portion sizes of 20g nuggets, this is great for food and drink manufacturers as they can add the perfect amount to each recipe without having to defrost a whole drum. It also helps with transportation and storage and ensures a much longer shelf life, meaning you can order in bulk and have your product there available all year round. Frozen purees allow you to have the intense flavours, aromas and all the nutrients of the fresh product, but with the convenience and longer life of a frozen product.

We can supply Chinese puree’s in volumes tailored to your business needs. You can request deliveries from one Pallet (40 x 20kg) upwards, so you can order exactly what quantity you need to suit your onsite storage and production needs. Contact us today to discuss your business requirements and we’ll be sure to provide you with the highest quality products at a competitive market price.

Onion Chinese Puree Application:

Chinese purees can be used to add intense and delicious flavour to many Asian inspired products or health foods and drinks. They can add that all important flavour to:

  • Soups
  • Ready Meals
  • Marinades
  • Sauces
  • Stir Fry’s
  • Health drinks

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Products we can offer


1 Pallet


20 Kg lined cardboard box

Lead Time

if stock held in UK, 4 working days

Shelf Time

24 months from production


frozen below -18 C

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