In April 2019 Craig, an engineer from Elite who support Uren’s communication systems, undertook a 103-mile charity bike ride from Leicester to Hunstanton, alongside twelve of his friends, to raise money for their friend and colleague Adam. Adam had recently been diagnosed with an incurable form of blood cancer and Craig and his friends wanted to do whatever they could to raise much-needed funds for Adam and his family.

At aged just 36 Adam has tragically been diagnosed with Hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma, a rare and generally incurable form of lymphoma that infiltrates the liver, spleen and bone marrow. Adam hadn’t been able to work for three months; due to the fact he was receiving aggressive chemotherapy which is hoped will slow down the disease. His close family have been helping to pay his monthly household and domestic bills as his partner Leah has recently had to give up her job to care for their four children Kieron 15, Ruby 12, Scarlett 7 and Niamh 4, whilst Adam is ill.

Craig said “I’ve known Adam and his family for over twenty years. He is kind, caring and a loving father to all his children. He has always worked extremely hard as an engineer and shown a real zest for life. Unfortunately, because of this disease his whole world has been turned upside down, not only for him but the whole of his family.”