Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning

Today Uren hosted their own Coffee Morning as part of Macmillan’s ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’. The whole office was asked to bring in homemade (or shop bought) cakes and treats for a cake sale, and donations were collected. Uren’s CSR group even pledged to match all the money raised from the coffee morning, meaning we can donate twice as much to this brilliant cause.

Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is a nationwide event which takes place every year. Thousands of people, businesses and communities take part every year. In 2018 it raised an incredible £26,914,382 and has raised over £200 million in total since it started in 1990.

Uren signed up online to host a Coffee Morning and MacMillan sent them a free fundraising kit full of goodies in the post. It included everything they needed for the coffee morning including a collection box, cake decorations, stickers and bunting.

“We all had great fun baking, decorating and most importantly eating all our delicious treats. The Macmillan Coffee Morning’s create a real sense of community and are a fun and enjoyable way to raise money.”

Macmillan Cancer Support is such an important and worthy cause. They provide physical, financial and emotional support for those suffering with cancer, to help them lead life as normally and fully as possible. They support individuals from the moment of diagnosis and whenever they are needed. Macmillan state that they “understand how cancer can affect people’s whole lives- health, money, family, job; everything. And, after more than 100 years of caring we understand that the most important thing is to treat people as individuals, not patients.”

Macmillan’s ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
Macmillan’s ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
Macmillan’s ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

This cause is something that is important to all of us. One in two of us will face cancer in our lifetimes and almost everyone is touched in some way by this disease. Whether it be yourself, a family member, a close friend or a co-worker most of us will know of have known someone who has suffered with cancer. Every penny raised goes towards funding Macmillan care which provides life changing support to thousands of people, every year.

“We hosted a coffee morning last year with great success and hope this year we raise even more than we did last time. We’re looking forward to finding out how much we have raised and how much Macmillan raise in total this year.”