Petty Pool Vocational College Classroom Appeal

One of our staff members, Maura, who works in the Accounts department recently asked Uren if they would donate to the Petty Pool Vocational College, a cause very close to her heart. They are trying to raise £250,000 so they can build a new facility with three classrooms and a purpose-built animal care learning environment for their students.

Petty Pool Vocational College, located in Cheshire, is an education provider for young adults with learning difficulties and supports up to 100 full-time students from across Cheshire, Halton, Warrington and the North-West. They aim to educate, train and support young people and offer a wide variety of courses to help provide each and every student with an effective and enjoyable educational experience, allowing them to reach their full potential.

In the North-West only 4% of people with a learning disability are in work, Petty Pool are working hard to improve these figures. Last year a phenomenal 30% of their students moved into paid employment after leaving college! Petty Pool wants to expand their provision so they can provide help for even more students every year. They are planning on building a new facility with three extra classrooms, a new reception and want to replace their animal care shelter with a purpose-built animal care learning environment.

This cause is very close to Maura’s heart as her son Ciaran has Down’s Syndrome and actually attends the college himself. When Uren heard about this brilliant cause and the excellent work Petty Pool does, we wanted to help however we could, so we happily donated money to the Petty Pool Classroom Appeal. So far, they have raised an amazing £55,885 of their £250,000 target. Learn more about the appeal, or even donate yourself on their JustGiving page.