Exploring the Popularity of Asian Street Food in the UK

Asian street food is a diverse and flavorful culinary experience

From savoury noodle dishes to sweet desserts, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Some popular examples include Japanese takoyaki, Thai pad thai, Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, and Chinese dumplings. Street vendors often use fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, resulting in dishes that are both delicious and affordable.

Asian street food has become increasingly popular in the UK over the past few years. The combination of unique flavours, affordable prices, and convenience has made it a favourite among foodies and casual diners alike. But why has this trend taken off?

A growing interest in global cuisine

As people become more adventurous with their taste buds, they are seeking out new and exciting flavours from around the world. Asian street food offers a wide variety of dishes that are not typically found in traditional restaurants, making it an appealing option for those looking to try something different.

Rise in event catering

Another factor is the rise of food markets and festivals. These events provide a platform for street food vendors to showcase their offerings to a wider audience. With social media playing a big role in promoting these events, it's easier than ever for people to discover new vendors and cuisines.

Culture and heritage

Lastly, there is a growing appreciation for the culture and heritage associated with Asian street food. Many of these dishes have been served for generations, each one representing the unique history of the region it comes from. As people become more culturally aware, they are seeking out authentic experiences that let them explore new cultures and taste traditional dishes.

Asian street food is here to stay in the UK, and it's clear that its popularity isn't going away anytime soon.

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Classic Asian Flavours

Asian cuisine is known for its bold and complex flavours, and Asian street food is no exception. Here are some classic Asian flavours that you might find in street food dishes:


A staple in many Asian cuisines, ginger adds a warm, slightly spicy flavour to dishes. Ginger is often included in noodle dishes, stir-fries, and soups.


Garlic is another key ingredient in many Asian dishes, providing a pungent flavour to soups and stir-fries. It’s also frequently used in marinades for grilled meats and vegetables.

Chilli peppers

Whether fresh or dried, chilli peppers add heat and depth of flavour to many Asian dishes. They’re often included in curries, noodle dishes and stir-fries.


This fragrant herb is often used in Southeast Asian cuisine and adds a citrusy, herbal flavour to dishes. It is commonly used in soups, curries, and marinades.

Fish sauce

Made from fermented fish, this pungent condiment is commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking to add salty umami flavours. It’s often used in noodle dishes and soups.

Coconut milk

A creamy base for many Southeast Asian curries, coconut milk offers richness and sweetness to balance out spicy flavours.

Sesame oil

This nutty oil is often used as a finishing oil or drizzled over noodles or rice for added richness.

These are just a few examples of the classic flavours you might find in Asian street food.

Our team have put together 3 delicious recipes for Asian street food dishes that you can make at home using Uren's range of products.

1) Thai Red Curry Sweetcorn Fritters

These fritters are the ideal side dish for any Asian-inspired meal or as a snack. The combination of sweetcorn, spring onions and white miso is flavoured with kaffir lime leaves, coriander and chilli for an authentic Thai taste. Served with a tasty gochujang Mayonnaise.

Uren ingredients

2) Mei Goreng Spring Roll

Mei Goreng is a twist on the rice dish Nasi Goreng, popular in Malaysia and Indonesia. Our Mei Goreng Spring Roll is a tasty mix of vegetables and noodles served in a golden pastry roll. Perfect for sharing and ideal as an appetiser or snack, served with a Mei Goreng dipping sauce.

Uren Ingredients

  • IQF Garlic
  • IQF Shredded Savoy Cabbage
  • IQF Beansprouts
  • IQF Spring Onion
  • IQF Julienne/ Baton Carrot
  • IQF Ginger
  • IQF 10mm Mushrooms
  • IQF Edamame Beans

3) Thai Style Veggie “Fish Cakes”

With the growing trend in meat and fish alternatives, these “fish cakes” offer an exciting twist on a much-loved classic. Our Thai-Style Veggie “Fish Cakes” are filled with an aromatic mix of herbs and spices, creating a delicious vegan or vegetarian alternative that delivers all the traditional flavour without any fish.

Uren Ingredients

  • Mash Potato from IQF Potato
  • IQF Jackfruit
  • IQF Spring Onion
  • IQF 10mm Carrot
  • IQF 10mm Onion
  • IQF 10mm Mushroom
  • IQF 10 mm Red Peppers
  • IQF Garlic
  • IQF Diced Red Chilli
  • IQF Ginger
  • IQF Shredded Savoy Cabbage
  • IQF 3mm Coriander Lime juice NFC
  • Fish Flavour 7.17505

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Street food offers an opportunity to experience a unique blend of cultures and cuisines. At Uren Food Group, our extensive range of the highest quality IQF fruit, vegetables and herbs make it easy to create delicious street food dishes from around the world.

We are passionate about providing our customers with the ingredients they need to bring authentic flavours to life. Whether you’re creating classic favourites or putting a modern twist on traditional dishes, our team is here to help.

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