Autumnal Flavour Combinations

As the leaves start to turn and the days grow shorter, our consumers' thoughts turn to cosy comfort food.

Here at Uren, we love to experiment with different flavour combinations to create the perfect seasonal recipes.

Autumn flavours are all about comfort and indulgence, so we've been experimenting with warming spices, rich fruits and decadent chocolate. This year, we've been inspired by the rich colours and flavours of autumn, and we've come up with some unique flavour combinations that we think your consumers will love during the colder months.

Here are some of the flavour combinations we think will be big this autumn:

1. Nutmeg and orange

This classic autumnal combination is perfect for cosy autumnal evenings. Nutmeg is a warm, spicy flavour that pairs perfectly with the sweetness of orange. Matching these flavours together will give your recipes a real autumnal feel that your consumers will love.

Product ideas include:

  • Nutmeg orange cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Pumpkin pie with a nutmeg orange crust
  • Orange and nutmeg scones
Nutmeg and orange
Cinnamon and apple cider

2. Cinnamon and apple cider

Cinnamon is another warm, spicy flavour that is often used in autumnal recipes. This flavour pairs well with the sweetness of apples, making it perfect for drinks and desserts. Apples are a traditional autumnal fruit, so using them in your recipes will give them a real seasonal feel.

Product ideas include:

  • Cinnamon-infused apple cider
  • Apple cider cupcakes with cinnamon frosting
  • Apple cider cocktails with a cinnamon sugar rim

3. Chocolate and chestnut

If you're looking for a more unusual flavour combination, why not try chocolate and chestnut? The rich flavour of chestnuts goes beautifully with chocolate, making for a delicious, indulgent and unusual treat.

Product ideas include:

  • Chocolate chestnut truffles
  • Chocolate chestnut ice cream
  • Chocolate chestnut mousse
Chocolate and chestnut
Honey and pear

4. Honey and pear

Honey is a lovely sweet ingredient that's perfect for autumn baking. Combined with pears, it makes for a delicious and fragrant combination. Fresh pears are in season during autumn, so using them in your recipes will give them a real seasonal feel.

Product ideas include:

  • Honey and pear tart with almond pastry
  • Honey and pear loaf cake
  • Pear and honey compote

5. Ginger and plum

Ginger is a great spice to use in autumn recipes, as it adds a lovely warm flavour. Combined with plums, it makes for a delicious jam or compote that's perfect for topping off crumbles and pies. With a hint of sweetness from the plum and a kick of heat from the ginger, this is a flavour combination that your consumers will love this season.

Product ideas include:

  • Plum and ginger chutney
  • Ground ginger and plum crumble
  • Ginger and plum drizzle for porridge or pancakes
Ginger and plum
Pumpkin spice and vanilla

6. Pumpkin spice and vanilla

Pumpkin spice is synonymous with autumn, and for good reason! The combination of spices creates a warm, flavourful blend that's perfect for all kinds of autumnal recipes. Adding vanilla to this mix gives it an extra depth of flavour that makes it even more irresistible.

Product ideas include:

  • Pumpkin spice cookies
  • Pumpkin spice latte with vanilla cream
  • Vanilla pumpkin spice cake

7. Gingerbread and chocolate

Who doesn't love gingerbread at this time of year? The combination of ginger, cinnamon and spices is just perfect for autumn. Adding chocolate to the mix makes it even more indulgent and delicious. Paired together, these flavours make for a delicious and festive treat.

Product ideas include:

  • Chocolate gingerbread cake
  • Gingerbread chocolate truffles
  • Chocolate gingerbread cookies
Gingerbread and chocolate
Maple syrup and pecans

8. Maple syrup and pecans

Maple syrup is a lovely sweet ingredient that's perfect for adding to all kinds of autumn recipes. Combined with pecans, it makes for a delicious and flavourful combination that's perfect for pies, cakes and other sweet treats. The nutty flavour of the pecans pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the maple syrup, making for an irresistible flavour pairing.

Product ideas include:

  • Maple pecan pie with a shortbread crust
  • Maple pecan cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting
  • Pecan and maple granola

If you're looking for some delicious autumn recipes to try, why not give these flavour combinations a go? If you're looking for support with developing new products for the season, our team of food development experts can help. Get in touch today to find out more.